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Still in mid-career, Blake is already vice president of sales and marketing. He is full of energy and action and quick to get others involved to get things done. With his intuitive talent for spotting market trends and his articulate and persuasive approach, Blake seems to have the whole package. In fact, those in the know are sure he has a shot at the top spot in the not too distant future. Even Blake’s hard-nosed, old school, CEO is impressed.

Of course, like most other successful corporate leaders, Blake still has developmental opportunities in rounding out his executive persona. He knows, for example, that in his zeal to get things done, he’s not always an attentive listener. He doesn’t always get the whole story before acting. Feedback from his team and a mentor has made that clear. He also knows that this same zeal can cause him to try to keep too many balls in the air at times, leading some to believe that he needs more discipline and focus in his approach if he wants to continue to advance.

While certainly not tone deaf to this feedback, Blake often asks himself how important it is it to spend much time on these issues. After all, it’s not as though they’re seriously in his way. And who’s perfect anyhow?

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