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Andrew is known for his patient, logical approach and for finishing what he starts. He’s also known as a great team player, keeping everybody on board and working productively together. Not surprisingly, he has seen success in his career, which he characterizes as slow but steady progress up the corporate ladder. He’s now a Senior Director, and has been for the last eight years. Although not overtly ambitious, Andrew has hopes of moving into the executive suite and has always thought he was on a path to do that. But now, in his late forties, he feels he’s nearing a make-or-break point and thinks he might have somehow gotten stuck.

Andrew knows from past performance reviews the persistent advice about being a little more assertive in getting his ideas on the table and pushing them a little harder, showing a little more confidence and decisiveness. Maybe there’s more to this than he thought. Reflecting on it now, he knows he hasn’t made much progress, despite his best intentions. The potential for conflict when the moment arises always seems to hold him back. Could this be the tip of an iceberg that’s a much bigger problem than he’s been willing to admit?

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