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Understanding Executive Presence and making it work for you. Increase your leadership and career potential through targeted training and expert consulting. 

Finally, a perspective on executive presence that goes beyond image and public speaking to the core of what a powerful leadership persona is made of.

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" An essential resource for any leader who wishes to be perceived as authentic, influential, and highly effective."
Ed Betof, Ph.D., author of Just Promoted

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Sydney Finkelstein, Ph.D., author of Why Smart Executives Fail

"Dr. Aldo has captured the secret of executive presence and made it accessible to everyone."
Rosemarye Taylor, Ph.D., author of Leading with Character


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The cornerstone of our work is the Nine Dimension Executive Presence Model. Based on over 30 years of research on what separates the most successful leaders from the rest, the Nine Dimension Model has helped thousands of leaders enhance their strengths while addressing the issues holding them back. It provides a concrete definition of executive presence and focuses on pragmatic, incremental changes in behavior driven by simple and sustainable improvement plans that really work.

For the organization, the Nine Dimension Model provides an invaluable common vocabulary for talking about and evaluating leadership presence, whether for inclusion in the leadership pipeline, succession planning, or prescriptive improvement.

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To help bring the Nine Dimensions to life, we've enlisted Diane and three other leaders whose stories, though fictional, reflect real-world strengths and challenges as they pursue their career goals. Click Diane to learn how her passion and candor can sometimes override her need for poise and warmth on her way to executive presence.




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