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STEP 1: Assessment

  • Meet with the client and sponsor to discuss the coaching process.
  • Apply our exclusive Executive Style Assessment to get information on the client's dominant behaviors, motivators, and thinking patterns.
  • Use 360 input from questionnaires and in-depth interviews to understand how others perceive the client.

STEP 2: Executive Coaching Plan

  • Meet with the client to share the assessment information.
  • Identify behavior the coaching will focus on modifying.
  • Define how progress will be measured and who will provide measurement input.
  • Secure a sincere interest and commitment from the client to change.
  • Ensure the organization is truly interested in supporting the client.

STEP 3: Involving Stakeholders

  • Meet with key stakeholders (others the client has identified as important to a successful coaching outcome and those who will be responsible for providing measurement input) in order to explain the coaching process and their role in it.
  • Ask key stakeholders to provide support for the client's behavioral change and to let go of history with the client that is focused on past difficulties.
  • This stage often includes getting key stakeholders to commit to some type of change in themselves.

STEP 4: Coaching and Behavioral Change

  • Spend time with the client in discussions designed to bring about the desired and agreed upon behavioral changes.
  • As the coaching progresses, conduct thorough discussions of those things that help and hinder a successful change experience.

STEP 5: Measurement and Follow-up

  • Meet periodically with key stakeholders and the sponsor to obtain information about the success of the behavioral change effort.
  • Discuss with stakeholders how they can further assist the client in creating the desired behavioral change.
  • Share this information with the client as input into the coaching and behavioral change process (STEP 4).

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