Executive Presence

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Understanding Executive Presence and making it work for you. Increase your leadership and career potential through targeted training and expert consulting. 


Would you like to be a more compelling and influential communicator—someone known for getting others on board and successfully selling your ideas?

Executive Presence Inc. has helped hundreds of senior managers become more focused, attentive and persuasive in building consensus on their management teams. We can help you too.

Our Executive Communications services strengthen your interpersonal presence in one-on-one and small group settings, formal meetings, and presentations.

With these workshops we help you...

  • Understand how information is processed and filtered during social interaction

  • Define your communications style and the styles of those you interact with

  • Identify concrete steps to more effectively create, deliver, and evaluate verbal and written messages

  • Apply an audience-centric communications architecture

  • Tell your story more persuasively through enhancing presentation skills

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