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Introducing the StEP app: My Steps to Executive Presence!


We rarely achieve meaningful change through groundbreaking, transformational experiences. Rather, it is usually an accumulation of tiny tweaks—small adjustments in our behavior that begin to change both our own perspective and the impressions we make on others.

The new StEP app—Steps to Executive Presence—is a simple but effective way to help you make the small changes that can add up to greater executive presence. StEP sends you prescriptive or reflective reminders that you created and control. Just enter your StEPs and choose how often you want to be reminded—once a day, once a week, or several times a day—and how (text, email, device notification, or any combination). We've even limited the StEPs to three to help keep you focused on the most important changes you want to make.

The single most powerful tool for improving your executive presence is incremental changes in your behavior. And that is precisely what StEP was created to help you with. Just follow these easy instructions, and be sure to send us your feedback! We want to make the app as helpful for you as possible, and we can't do it without your input.

Thank you! Let's get started...